Dave’s Super Secret Non-Film Projects Page

  1. A Day To Not Forget Camryn Barry, Dave Chick with Alex Chick (acoustic guitar) 3:21
  2. Stranger (Switch City Soundtrack Version) Emma Alves (with Dave Chick) 4:12
  3. Under The Moon Tanya Rivero, Dave Chick 3:23
  4. Great Divide Amanda Kind, JP Sunga, Dave Chick 4:06
  5. Inconceivable Dave Chick 3:25
  6. Counting Sheep Alexandra Willett, Joseph Anthony, Jason Adlys, Angelica Appelman, Dave Chick 3:24
  7. Count Me Out CJ Cooper, Jason Carraro (lead guitar), Dave Chick 4:10
  8. Baby Just (Turn Me On) James Downham & Dave Chick 3:00
  9. The Dream Dave Chick 3:06
  10. My Halloween Costume (with VO) Dave Chick
  11. Embarrassment Of Riches Julie Mains, Reek Havok, Dave Chick 3:53
  12. Belly of the Beast Dave Chick & Cape 5 3:58
  13. Home (chckn8r Remix) AVEC & Dave Chick
  14. In Between (chckn8r Remix) Mojave & Dave Chick
  15. Can't Stop Your Heart (chckn8r Remix) Jetface & Dave Chick 3:42
  16. From The Heart (chckn8r Remix) Jody Quine & Dave Chick
  17. Borrego (chckn8r Remix) Mojave & Dave Chick
  18. Zero Baby (DC Produce) T Lizzy
  19. River (DC Produce) Jody Quine
  20. Monsters (DC Produce) The Bohemian Dust-bunnies 3:27
  21. Out of the Pain (DC Produce) T Lizzy