“Mastering” your Film Score Cues? Please Don’t

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Every now and again, I come across posts by aspiring film composers asking about “mastering” their cues: “What should I use in my mastering processing chain?” “How much compression and limiting should I use?” “What do people normalize their tracks to?” Please, just … don’t. Unless you are delivering your music to a production library or for release as a …

A432 Tuning – Bullpoop or Other?

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Someone called me an “Audio Mythbuster” a long time ago. Especially when dealing with audio “folklore”, I’ve never been one to accept statements that are purporting to be fact but sound more like subjective opinion. Same Page Now for those of you who haven’t heard about this, there are a number of sites and blogs out there that discuss the …

Fetch Boy!

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Cody. He’s a fantastic dog. He’s always eager to please and LOVES to fetch his ball.

Being too eager can unfortunately get him screwed up in this activity though. Try as he might, he can’t seem to resist the urge to start running to fetch the ball BEFORE I actually throw it.

couple of these incidents is usually a sign that we need to continue on the walk.

This actually got me thinking of my eager-beaver days when I was starting out in this artistic business of ours.

Three Reasons Music Theory Could Help Your Mix

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You’ve heard of all the pre-mix “rituals” and administrative things that you’re supposed to do before you mix … haven’t you? You know, all those things about organizing your tracks, editing your tracks, putting in markers, colouring things, loading templates… all that stuff. Well, of course, that’s golden advice! Anything that’ll help you work more efficiently and effectively is going …

Say “No” to Stock Responses

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Over the past few days, I’ve been able to kind of sit on the proverbial “other side” of the boss’s desk. Instead of me pounding the pavement and knocking on doors offering my wares, I’ve been (the “boss”) entertaining requests from around the world to consider the merits of others’ creations. It’s been enlightening to see the variety of approaches …