A Composition Journey: Part I

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Lately, I guess I’ve gotten this odd urge to document my personal artistic endeavours. I have no idea why. Rest assured, I’m not writing a memoir. In addition to my recently expressed plans to release an EP, I’ve been writing music to be played by a stand alone ensemble – NOT film music. My “Own Stuff” I get asked quite …

My First Week in EP-Land

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That actually wasn’t so bad. I’ve gotten to the end of my first week working on my EP (see last week’s “announcement” post) and I’m actually feeling pretty darn good about this whole thing. I’d expressed some reservations about re-visiting my songs – especially dealing with the production choices that I’ve lived with over the years. To tell you the truth, …

Doing the EP Thing

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I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to self-produce, self-record and self-mix an EP of my music. … At least that’s what I’m telling myself. After seeing friends and clients go through the process over the past few years, I’ve found myself digging into the vault of “finished” and W.I.P. music and getting visions of releasing it – officially. …

Fetch Boy!

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Cody. He’s a fantastic dog. He’s always eager to please and LOVES to fetch his ball.

Being too eager can unfortunately get him screwed up in this activity though. Try as he might, he can’t seem to resist the urge to start running to fetch the ball BEFORE I actually throw it.

couple of these incidents is usually a sign that we need to continue on the walk.

This actually got me thinking of my eager-beaver days when I was starting out in this artistic business of ours.

Three Reasons Music Theory Could Help Your Mix

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You’ve heard of all the pre-mix “rituals” and administrative things that you’re supposed to do before you mix … haven’t you? You know, all those things about organizing your tracks, editing your tracks, putting in markers, colouring things, loading templates… all that stuff. Well, of course, that’s golden advice! Anything that’ll help you work more efficiently and effectively is going …