Music Streaming vs Radio Royalties – Numbers on a Napkin

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Okay, it’s perhaps unpopular at the moment, but I’ll say it right up front: Apples-to-Apples, on a per listener basis, streaming pays songwriters much better than traditional broadcast royalties.  Even the suggestion of discussing music streaming with a bunch of songwriters and musicians is a good way to polarize a group. In the grand scheme of things – music industry-wise – …

The Pono Pretense

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FWIW, I have nothing against Neil Young nor do I dislike high-quality audio. Quite the contrary. I’d never classify myself as a “fan” of Neil. I could take or leave his music – perhaps blasphemous to other Canadians out there, but, it is how it is. I’ve long given up paying attention to the opinions of artists. They may have …

Fetch Boy!

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Cody. He’s a fantastic dog. He’s always eager to please and LOVES to fetch his ball.

Being too eager can unfortunately get him screwed up in this activity though. Try as he might, he can’t seem to resist the urge to start running to fetch the ball BEFORE I actually throw it.

couple of these incidents is usually a sign that we need to continue on the walk.

This actually got me thinking of my eager-beaver days when I was starting out in this artistic business of ours.

Say “No” to Stock Responses

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Over the past few days, I’ve been able to kind of sit on the proverbial “other side” of the boss’s desk. Instead of me pounding the pavement and knocking on doors offering my wares, I’ve been (the “boss”) entertaining requests from around the world to consider the merits of others’ creations. It’s been enlightening to see the variety of approaches …

Lessons from Groupon

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I know what you’re thinking: “Groupon??!! What does this have to do with your subject matter?” Well, our family has been known to make use of services like Groupon and Living Social on occassion. If you’re unaware of these sites, in the most simple terms, they’re a new class of business leveraging the Internet to facilitate a service called “collective …

Saying No

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I live by the age-old mantra: but, there’s also a caveat of “reasonableness” to that for me. I came to this “business” via a full-circle scenic route where I actually had the luxury of learning and experiencing the fine art of project management and, most importantly, cover-your-ass contract management. My client-from-hell story happened to me early on in my (relatively) …

When an Artist Speaks, Does Anyone Listen?

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I started mulling over this line of thinking after seeing Canadian “Alt-Rocker” Matthew Good get his blog post about the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots picked up by the Guardian over in the UK. “Who’s Matthew Good?” you ask. Apparently he was “big” in Canada back in the ’90’s, but I was living in Seattle at that time and as he …

Hi-Res Music – Who Wants It?

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I saw a post on Bobby Owsinski’s blog entitled: Can Hi-Res Music be in our Future? It pointed to an article that Steve Guttenburg wrote for CNET mentioning a summit that he attended with Warner Brothers on their plans to start releasing and marketing Hi-Resolution music. Think 24-bit / 96kHz digital files – that kind of hi-resolution. It’s going to …