My First Week in EP-Land

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That actually wasn’t so bad.

I’ve gotten to the end of my first week working on my EP (see last week’s “announcement” post) and I’m actually feeling pretty darn good about this whole thing. I’d expressed some reservations about re-visiting my songs – especially dealing with the production choices that I’ve lived with over the years. To tell you the truth, I didn’t actually find it too hard to shelve the “baked in” ideas and re-jig the arrangements and melody.

A preview of the track with warts:

The first song that I’m tackling is one that I wrote … oh geez, it must have been in the early 2000’s. It’s called “Living the Dream” – the first embarrassment-worthy recording of it is out on Soundclick if you care to torture yourself. You (read: I) might even have called it a minor “hit” on the now podfaded podcast – the Home Made Hit Show back in the day.

The inspiration for this song came from a few discussions I had with a couple of moms I chatted with in Toronto who had kids at the same school as Chris (his grade 1 and 2 years). For me, it was the first song composition I’d been able to do where I wasn’t completely disillusioned by my lyric-writing efforts.

As and aside… of all the songwriting tasks, writing lyrics is by far, my least favourite.

The conversations we had eventually lead to them expressing a kind of regret that, although they have a comfortable life, they left careers, aspirations and dreams behind in order to do what they thought was expected of them: be moms and housewives. Production-wise, I was aiming (and still am) to juxtapose a happy-go-lucky sound with the plastic and somewhat tragic lyrics. So, here’s a clip of what the song is shaping up to sound like – at least I think it sounds miles better than the original production!  

Living the Dream Lyrics:

Verse 1:
She, she wakes at an early hour
to primp and preen after a hot shower
and drives the kids to school and daycare
where yummy-mommies all smile and compare

It’s a shiny new day and the same old song
Everything’s right, nothing’s wrong
Get into the mold so you’ll belong
You’re living the dream, so you gotta be … strong

Verse 2:
She goes to the gym, does the same old workout
in the “lulu” outfit that everyone’s got
worry free with a drink in the hottub…
the nanny will get the kids from school and clubs


She sheds a tear in a glass of white wine,
’cause they all say her life is sublime.
With dreams imposed, she’s doing hard time
Conforming was her only crime…
In a race with no finish line.


If you happen to be the couple of people wanting to hear more, you’ll just have to wait until this entire puppy is done! I think I’ll shelve this tune to give it a break and dust off another to start tackling next week!

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