Cheep (rim shot) Speaker Stands

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My new space, “The Incubator” finally gave me the room and opportunity to PROPERLY have two sets of monitor speakers for mixing.

I had built my original monitor speaker stands back 10 years ago, and they’ve served me quite well through two moves back and forth across the continent. The cool thing about them is that they’re easy and cheap to make AND they’re mighty effective too.

I spent probably less than $30 on materials and put them together in around an hours’ time.

They’re a simple design with both sturdiness and speaker isolation in mind. As you’ll see in the photo gallery, I build the stands so that there is a gap between the top/bottom plates and the post. The intent here is to make it very troublesome for sound vibrations from the speakers to travel down the post. Vibrations lose signficant energy as they move through different materials – forcing them to transfer from the plate, the brackets, the post, the bracket and then the final plate before hitting the floor is the idea here.

A possible upgrade to this design might be to insert rubber or some other dampening material grommits / washers between the brackets and the wood plates / post.


  1. One 4×4 post cut to two 3-foot lengths.
  2. A nice piece of thick (3/4″ or 1″) plywood to cut into top and bottom plates
  3. 16 shelving brackets
  4. Bunch o’ screws


  • Drill / Screw driver
  • Level / Angle
  • Ruler
  • Pencil / Marker

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