Taming the Clucks in the Incubator

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I’ve neglected updating my blog AND getting IHR 101 out.

Life has taken over my … well, life lately and between dealing with work, family and building out the Incubator, I haven’t had much time to pay attention to tossing up a post.

Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of fodder to throw your way and here’s the first picture blog of building sound treatment panels (some call them traps) for my studio.


I researched a lot through various “DIY sound treatment” search variations on Google and found a LOT of different designs. Gary Cable has a very good design detailed on the IHR site.

I got inspired to design my own based upon one simple principle: to maximize the exposed area of insulation batts. With this in mind, and considering that, at maximum, two batts are relatively light-weight, I opted to construct a relatively thin frame to which the batts would be attached with fabric.

I chose to construct the rectangular frame out of 1×2’s and use burlap to wrap the whole thing up.

All-in-all, the material for the 8 panels I built cost well under $200.

I’ve JUST gotten the opportunity to test out the room with the panels, corner bass-traps and cloud (more on those in a later post) in place and … I am freakin’ impressed.

Here are the pics:

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Nice step by step approach to a DIY sound absorbing project. Just keep in mind that these are absorbers that will work well from 100 Hz. and higher. Lower frequency absorption is accomplished using more powerful sound absorbing technology termed diaphragmatic absorption.

    If you would like to build some of these types of absorbers, let me know, I can walk you through it.


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