Incubator Improvements

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I’ve been a little lax in updates on the Incubator. A LOT has gone on since the last post I tossed up with a photo-diary of running Cat 5e cable out to the “Incubator”.

Buh Bye...

The first of a couple of projects I’ve been working on was getting better lighting out there. The previous owner had used the structure as a woodshop and had four flourescent light fixtures plugged into recepticles mounted on the beams which in turn were wired to a switch on the wall.

The old fixtures were wired here...

The light fixtures had to go.


I decided on getting a four halogen spots for ambient lighting and place those along the perimeter of the room. In order to get that done, the wiring had to be re-run from the wall switch and distributed to four different spots in the room.

I decided the most efficient way would be to run wire from the switch to the ceiling and spoke out from a couple of junction boxes back down to the light boxes I’d place where the roof meets the wall.

Signal Path

Said junction box

Can NOT forget about this...

Wiring lights is a lot like tracing signal paths in mixing or recording. If you keep track of where things are going and where things are coming from, then it’s quite logical:

Connect all the black wires to each other, connect all the whites to each other and make sure the ground copper wire has a connection path to the post driven into the earth.

I ran the Romex wire to all the junction boxes, and branched out to each of the light boxes.

Wiring each of the lights was pretty simple and when power was restored, I tested it out and BING, the lightbulbs turned on … all complete with a new dimmer switch!


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