Tethering the “Incubator”

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Yeah, yeah…

I haven’t been posting for the past little while. And I’ll skip the excuses, but please head on over to the IHR site to get a hint about what’s been taking so long…

In Vancouver, the sun was out and Spring seems to have arrived. I took the break in weather as an opportunity to tackle one of the most important projects on my list to bring the Incubator into reality.

For those who don’t know, the “Incubator” is what I’m calling the shed on our property – I blogged about it back in the fall with my plans to convert it into a studio.

It’s got power, but it does not have network connectivity. I had to fix that. Earlier in the week was a trip to Home Depot to pick up 40′ of 1/2″ PVC pipe, some joints, Cat5e cable and other useful stuff.

So here’s a photo album of how I rectified the connectivity issue:


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  1. Hey Dave, for runs that long (and to ‘future proof’ you might want to consider running Cat 6. And don’t fret even though everything is in place and buried. If you find you want/need the bandwidth you can always use one or both of the Cat 5 runs as pull wire to pull Cat 6 through the conduit. I have tons of RJ45 ends (for both Cat 5 and Cat 6) and a good crimping tool if you want to use them for a bit. Cheers!

    1. Post

      Hey Gary,

      Thanks for the caution. Yeah, I had that in the back of my head, but my run is well below the recommended limit (100M). Each cable, with slack at either end, is just over 40 meters.

      I worked with wiring installers on the Experience Music Project and we had a ceiling of 100 meters on Cat5 cable. We ran runs of 130 with no issues a couple of times.

      Thanks again! D

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