Saying Those Sweet Nothings

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My wife came home on Friday evening after work, walked through the door and we had the following conversation:

Me: “So… how was it today?”

Her: “Nothing spectacular … You know what I was just thinking?”


Her: “What would you think if we reno’d the ‘shed’ for your studio?”


Needless to say, I’ve been in a fantastic mood for the past few days!

The Tall and Skinny of it All

I’ll have to bring you up to speed about this thing we’ve monikered¬† “The Shed”.

Not "The Shed"

It’s a structure nestled at the back corner of our lot. We initially thought that it was going to be suitable as a garage when we bought place, but it turned out that the opening out to the alley gave our cars about an inch of clearance on each side… so it became “The Shed”.

The space itself is going to be superb for a studio space as it’s about twelve feet wide, twenty feet long and the roof peeks at 10 feet sloping down to meet the walls at 7.5 feet. The previous owner used it as his wood work shop and way-over-engineered the structure:

It’s built like a Shick Brithouse – huge lumber supports, massive, thick doors and, I’ll have to do some exploring but I believe there’s a ton of insulation already in the walls. There’s plenty of power out there and with a little clean-up and minor renos, it’ll be fantastic!

I’ll probably be putting up some insulation in the beams along the roof and building some broad-band absorbers to place throughout the space, and replacing the plywood on the walls with something more appropriate. It all depends on what the space sounds like when everything that’s in there is moved out…

Busy Boy

A total win-win situation if I may say so myself.

Instead of defering and spending an arm and a leg on a basement renovation that would yield a smaller and perhaps, inferior result, I’ll be getting Hatched Productions into a great little room…

Needless to say, I’ll be a busy, busy dude over the next few months… which brings me to the duality of the “win-win” comment…

I’ll be crossing off honey-do list items with a big grin on my face.

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