The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Oh, puh-lease, don’t think I’m a crass, uncaring dad…

I loved the summer with the kids – we had a fantastic time. Vancouver is such an awesome place to be in the summer – it’s sunny and warm and rarely does it get sweltering hot or rainy (well, except for ALL of July this year…)

Days riding bikes, playing at the beach, hiking, walking, parks, swimming pools…

Woo Hoo!

The Inevitable Day

But, it all had to come to an end – come September 7th (the 6th didn’t count as it wasn’t a full day of school), the kids went:

As I said, it was a complete blast just having fun with the family, but the itch to get back to a routine and crank up the “machine” again was starting to present itself. The kids were not entirely thrilled and pleased to get back to a routine.

Making a List…

The To-Do list was growing. Unfortunately one of the main items was the cause of this sites redesign. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting the dreaded “404-Page Not Found” error on this site – even when I logged in to edit the site.

Going through the FTP site, I found that the directory had been deleted!

Yes, a big was appropriately uttered.

After wrangling with 1and1 to get the backup of the site restored – they didn’t know what happened to the directory – I went about rebuilding the site and thought:

[testimonial company=”Multi-hatted Maestro of Hatched Productions” author=”Dave Chick” image=””]

This would be a fine time to re-jig and re-design the site…

All the data is there in the database, how hard would it be to slap on a new theme and go?[/testimonial]

The work on the site took a lot longer as the theme I chose took a bit more massaging in terms of content structure – getting all the main pages working on the feature slider, mini previews, etc. I also started to look at the verbiage and decided to re-write most of the pages.

Back to the story

So, that first day, I had things already lined up, planned out and ready to go…

I had an interview with Brandon Drury of Recording Review for my podcast: Inside Home Recording. I also had an appointment to meet some dude who was taking my X-Tempo POK off my hands thru Craigslist. And, I started into some heavy writing for the site.

The next day was a lot of the same. And finally on Friday, I got the site completed and launched.

One of the killer things that I started to focus on was Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short)- something I’d casually glanced at, but didn’t really think much of for some reason.

One of the pushes for me was a recent “coupon” I got from Google – a $100 certificate for Adwords – yes “Hatched Productions” has probably popped up on some of those context-sensitive ads on sites around the world.

What was cool, was that, as part of the process, Google combs through your site and comes up with a whole poop-load of suggested search-terms to try and attach your ads to.

The lightbulb went off…

Why not just take that list and bolster the somewhat dismal population of terms I have in my SEO plug-in? That was most of Friday as Google isn’t really into making it easy to cut and paste the list. It was a manual typing effort… {sigh}

Next week – well, there’s the editing of my IHR show, some pavement pounding some errands and of course … some more work on my sites…

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