Holy @#$%, I won!

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This may come across as a tooting-my-own-horn post, but … I don’t really care – I’m pretty stoked!

Over a month ago, I posted an entry entitled “Mad Science” where I went over the process I did to create my entry for the “Mix it ’til You Puke – Volume 2” contest that Brandon Drury over at the Recording Review site was running.

Well, fast forward to this past weekend. While I was up at Whistler with my family, I happened to check in on the forum and saw the post entitled Final Winners where I found that … I’d won the contest!

What do I get? Well, to non-audio geek types, it may not seem very exciting, but for those who are into the whole “audio-engineering” thing, I’m getting a Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad card. It’s a piece of hardware that off-loads some of the essential audio processing that’s normally done by the computer’s CPU.

Not only does it off-load it, it does it with arguably the best sounding modeled plug-ins out there. Plug-ins are virtual tools such as  instruments and audio effects that you can insert into your music-production software (Digitatl Audio Workstation). They can suck up a lot of processing power and if you can off-load that AND get leading-edge tools at the same time, well … ka-ching!

Can’t wait to play with a new toy! First, some more celebrating.

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  1. Huge congrats Dave!

    You know, when I was about to post my remix, the first remix I ever heard was yours. And I was like “OK, how do I compete with that?”. Turns out your uber-unique approach won the hearts of the Jetface guys.

    Oh well, back to the drawing board then. Have fun with the new toy!


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