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For some reason, I’ve got a desire to release an album of my music.

Or at least an EP.  I’m not sure I have enough songs to make a bonifide “LP – length album“. {edit – I actually may have enough for an LP…. we’ll see}

Side tangent: Why do we still use terms that describe vinyl recording formats in the digital age?  Guess that might be a good future blog-post topic to dive into.

I’m not the most prolific of songwriters – once I get into a songwriting groove – it takes on the scale of weeks to complete the project.

I also absolutely detest writing lyrics.  Sure, I’m a bit sub-conscious about what I actually write and sing, but I can’t get away from the fact that writing lyrics (and spare time) is probably THE thing that keeps me from producing more songs.

I have no idea what I want to achieve by “releasing” my music – the songs I’m thinking of putting out there are already out in the “wild” of the internet on this site and Soundclick.

I don’t expect to make much (read “any”) money off of it.

I don’t expect to get discovered and “make it”.

I don’t really expect anything in particular to tell you the truth.

Perhaps it’s one of those “bucket list” things that’s ingrained in the recording musician psyche that’s driving my desire to formally produce and release a collection of my work to the world.  I mean, most of my musician friends have either produced or are in the process of producing their own album.

As I mentioned above, I’ve got a few tunes in the proverbial “hopper”, so why wouldn’t I put them together and release an album?

Gaining Traction

All the best intentions go into planning these things out – especially when I’m in that euphoric, creative this-is-a-fantastic-idea state just before I go to sleep.

I’ve got most of the hard work done right?  I’ve got six or seven songs that I think are half-decent.  It’s just a question of pulling up those mixes and adjusting them – or in some cases, re-recording the song … or at least parts of it.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been pulling up a few old mixes and trying to polish them up.  After living with these songs as they were originally written, recorded and mixed for a while, I’ve got a mental list of things I’d like to fix / try differently in each of them … should I get the opportunity to revisit them.

Well, that’s the plan and the intention…

Whether I’m re-recording a song from scratch or (intending to) just zero out the “board” and remix, each song that I’ve delved into has proven to be an endless exercise in making progress only to backtrack and start at a previous point.

I’m in totally new territory working with my own previously “finished” material and essentially trying to refinish it from a point somewhere in the middle of the process.  All the music I’ve written and produced for myself has been through a variation of a serial, “zero-to-done” process.

I’ve definitely gone into songs that were “works in progress” and reworked them, but I’ve never gone from “the end” and started at the 30%, 50% or 70% mark and tried to get to the “done” stage .. again.

I don’t know.  Perhaps I’m underestimating the time it will actually take to “finish’ a song and getting bummed and distracted.  Maybe I’m getting bored with the songs.  It might be that I have too high a standard of the new “sound” or performance that I’m after and I’m not able to hit the mark.

I’m essentially in the pure “producer” chair now.  I’ve got a vision of what I want to hear, but my opinion of the guy trying to execute that vision isn’t reaching the top of the scale.

Wait, did I just insult myself? 🙂

Whatever it is, I’ll have to mull over how to best motivate myself to get to some sort of finish line.

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