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If you’ve been following my “adventures”, you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve dropped off on the frequency of my posts.

Needless to say, I’m busy at it and I believe I’ve pushed past the half-way mark of 1st versions of cues.  It’s really all heads-down music-writing now.

“Sound” Breakthrough

I believe the director and I have broken through on the “sound” of the score.  The stuff I’m producing now looks to be on track to be the final candidate stuff.  Over the last week or so, there’s been a bit of back-and-forth on what he’s looking for.

If you rewind back to the first post in this series, you’ll recall that there was some define-the-score-direction dancing I was performing.  I actually started with a contemporary pop kind of sketch before actually seeing anything, and then went to Danny Elfman style and finally, to a kind of beefed-up Rachel Portman sound.  Well, seems as though it’s a bit more of the subtle sound of Rachel Portman, but with the melodies scaled back… and still no flute.

I’ve gotten a couple of positive feedback emails with the new direction, so I think we’re on the right track.

One difficulty that comes up with long-distance scoring is the lack of access to person-to-person.  You can’t just pop down to the director’s studio and sit down, watch and chat – face-to-face – about the film and the music.  It’s a bit of batch-processing that needs to happen: design, build, assemble, run through system, get error-codes, repeat.

Extra time to compensate for the feedback lag is something that I think I’ll have to build into future schedules if distance is involved.

To add to all of the communication hurdles, he’s getting spread thin lately as he’s in production and pre-production on a couple other projects.

All part of the exciting and glamorous life I lead… 😉

Life Happening

Warning – tangent ahead…

As it always does, life has also gotten in the way of things.  Originally, when I was contacted for this gig, my parents visit was going to happen a week after the due date.

Well, as you probably read in previous posts, the date got shifted back and my parents coming to Vancouver this past weekend, landed right in the middle of the job.  Add to that, the kids activities.

And then an ultimate downer news from Derek K. Miller about the deteriorating condition of his cancer.  The weekend, and the days surrounding it were … semi-productive … at best.

Derek’s news really hit some chords for me and caused me to revisit some life-changing situations in my own past.  He’s the same age as me, we have similar interests and families around the same age.  The only difference is that he’s expecting to die in the foreseeable future.

I went through a stare-death-in-the-face experience with my heart attack over five years ago.  A few days after the heart attack, I wrote about it on Xanga and then three years later on this blog. The experience made me and my wife really take stock of what’s important in our lives – that’s when I exited life in the corporate race and got into this profession.

There’s obviously a HUGE difference in my condition and Derek’s.  While my life regained some sort of normality (except for the daily mitt-full of pills and reduced-fat diet regiment), Derek and his family have had to essentially go through hell for the past five years.

I realistically can not imagine the stress, upheaval and pain that they have all been going through… and will be going through.   The most infuriating bit about all of this is that it’s happening to a guy and family who absolutely, in no way, deserve this.  Not that I’d wish a disease like cancer on anyone, but if you know Derek – even if just through his blog or IHR, then I’m sure you’d be angrily questioning a lot of things about life too.

I don’t really know if there’s actually a point to this rambling tangent.   Perhaps, I just want to express some anger, frustration or anxiety.  Or maybe, I’m trying to find some still-elusive silver lining in all this.

I’m certain that I’m better for knowing Derek – I guess, I wish (perhaps selfishly) that I/we all had more time than we’ll get to know him more.

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