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It’s liberating.

I’m up here enjoying a few days at Whistler. Unfortunately, the weather is not the most awesome out here on the west coast.  I can see snow packs still on the ski-runs at the bottom of the hill.  It’s the end of June for Peat’s Sake!

The only complaint I have is that we’re not “roughing it” (obviously, as I’m posting this to the blog).  We’ve got all the stuff for the kids – the Wii (with a new game), DSes and iPods.  The digital camera’s here as well as the netbook (which I’m using right now) along with the flash adapter.

I’m not complaining that we’re avoiding “getting away from it all” as Whistler is not entirely what you’d call the backwaters or “wilds” of British Columbia – far from it.  If you need it, then Whistler’s got it.

What I’m complaining about is the fact that I have access to Internet and can read all the RSS feeds that I subscribe to.  Some of them are blogs by family and friends, but the majority of them are music related or music technology related.

Articles come out about a new such-and-such way of mixing or there’s a new song/band that needs a listen, or there’s some free/demo plugin that might be fun to try out.

Back at the “ranch” it’s pretty easy to jump in, download and try things out – there are monitors, ready to play things, Logic/Reaper/Sonar to try things out on and, well, it’s instant gratification land.

I’m not about to lug a portable studio up here and look at the mountains out the window while I try things out, but I gotta say, getting up here and having some of the technology conveniences  at your fingertips with others back home can be a bit frustrating.

It’s really comes down to willpower.  Having the technology around is convenient and fun, but there’s a point where you’ve gotta stop and smell the roses.  After about 24 hours up here, I’ve decided to stop looking at RSS feeds and cruising sites that I usually peruse – for sanity sake.

Happy early Canada Day by the way!

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