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As most of you know, I co-host a podcast with Derek Miller called Inside Home Recording.  Sometimes, I get asked, if I listen to other podcasts (the answer is a definite “yes”) and if so, which ones?  Thought I’d create a post about this.

I don’t listen to all of these religiously – some I do.  The other ones I have as “backup” in case I run out of my regulars that are “hot of the presses”.  Here’s a snapshot of my subscriptions to date – the asterisk (*) denote the podcasts I’ll listen to as soon as I can get to them … the others are “when I have time” shows…

  • AudioNowcast * – I got interested in this one after listening to Ryan, from the Home Recording Show, chatting about these guys.  It’s a semi-informal discussion among a bunch of L.A. audio engineers about a lot of different things to do with audio.
  • CBC Radio 3 R3-30 – I get my fix of new Canadian indie music here – also listen to this on Internet radio when KEXP is a bit too out-there…
  • Cranky Geeks (*-a kind of second priority) – I kind of like Dvorak’s no-BS and concise discussions on tech news.  Leo and TWIT let things go a bit too long-winded and niched to Apple/Handheld stuff recently.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History * – I have no idea how I got onto this one.  It’s infrequent, but I find some of the topics and subject matter fascinating for some reason.
  • EM Podcasts – Electronic Musicians’ podcast.  It’s kind of fallen off the “listen religiously” category as the interview / new soft-synth format has gotten kind of monotonous.
  • The Home Made Hit Show * – Tony Butterworth and Dave Criddle play home studio recorded songs and talk about a wide variety of things to do with songwriting, recording, and producing in a home studio of any size and calibre.
  • The Home Recording Show * – Ryan, Jesse and Jon have a weekly podcast that discuss a lot of different things that have to do with the pro and pro-sumer level audio engineer.
  • Home Studio Corner Podcast * – Joe Gilder chats about a lot of things to do with recording and mixing
  • Inside Home Recording (duh) * – Derek and I chat and do different segments that pertain to Home Recording folks
  • The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack – this is probably getting unsubscribed quite soon.  I used to be a religious listener, but now that the show is done, the discussions and topics are starting to get a little too obsessive compulsive for me…
  • LOST Podcast: The Transmission – same as above…
  • The Metal Shop Podcast * – Brandon and Neil chat about everything to do with recording, mixing and consuming METAL!!!
  • Project Studio Network * – Big Al and Mike have a fantastic show and chat about pro and pro-sumer audio recording stuff.  There hasn’t been a show in a long time, but I (and a LOT of people) are still waiting on pins ‘n needles…
  • The Rock and Roll Geek Show – Michael Butler has a very loose delivery, but great content on all things rock ‘n roll: new and old – don’t listen to it regularly, but always good for some great Rock!
  • Ronan’s Recording Show * – Ronan Chris Murphy hosts a video podcast on tips and tricks from a professional audio engineer.
  • SCOREcast – Discussions about the film / TV / Gaming music scoring industry – quite focused on L.A. but informative none-the-less.
  • Sessions with Slau * – Slau is a fantastic guy who takes you on a behind-the-scenes view of his recording studio – talks about the tech stuff, but also focuses on the business and personal side of things as well.
  • Sine Language – Bruce Williams, a post-production audio engineer in Australia talks about some of his war stories and answers email questions.
  • Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena (*) – Brian Dunning tackles a lot of pop culture phenomena and pseudoscientific beliefs from a skeptics point of view.  I used to listen to The Skeptics Guid to the Universe, but they started to climb a bit too regularly on their soap box for my taste.
  • Spark from CBC – Nora Young chats about tech, trends and ideas – cool stuff and wide variety of topics.
  • Sound On Sound: the voice of Music Technology * – cast of characters from Sound on Sound magazine – quite interesting if you don’t mind scripted British delivery.
  • Sounds Good podcast * – been infrequent of late, but Hens always has a humorous and informative delivery of different recording and mixing topics
  • Stuff You Should Know * – don’t know how I got onto this one, but it’s from “How Stuff Works” and talks about a whole slew of different things
  • this WEEK in TECH – It’s sad to say, but this USED to be a regular listen, but I’ve found it gotten too long, too many “ads” and too niched on what seems to be Leo’s obsession with Twitter and mobile devices.
  • Tiki Bar TV * – one of the first video podcasts I subscribed to after Diggnation and Ask a Ninja (I’ve unsubscribed to both of those).  Interesting drink recipes with a humourous twist.
  • You Look Nice Today * – infrequent and kind of hit and miss, but a troupe of improv discussing the oddest topics.

There ya have it – my podcast list!  It’d be cool to see what anyone else listens to / watches!

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