And my iPod Repair Diagnosis is…

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My iPod kinda died a couple of weeks ago.

I was listening to my favourite podcasts in the car on the way to the Art Institute when the unit suddenly shutdown and attempted to restart.  When it eventually did return to “life” (I had to coax it back to life when I got to work) all of my audio, video and apps files were gone.

When I got back from work, I found that iTunes was able to restore the data on the unit, but then I discovered that all of the wireless functions were greyed out.  Resetting and restoring the thing wouldn’t do any good.  Kind of sucked ’cause I used the wireless aspect of the iPod regularly – not only to check email, RSS feeds and such, but I also had apps on there like ProTransport that I use to control Logic.

I went online and found that there were similar stories of iPod failures out there and that Apple actually treated those customers well.  Well, I reluctantly contacted Apple support to see what kind of sacrifice I’d have to make to get things back to normal in Dave’s-small-wireless-device-land.  As I’ve lamented before, I do not have a lot of confidence in technical support in Canada.

Well, lo-and-behold, it was a simple online process of filling out a form and waiting for Apple to send me a UPS box to return the iPod in.  The box showed up a couple of days later, I packed up the iPod and dropped it off at the local UPS store on Tuesday.

So far so good, but they haven’t actually told me anything good or bad yet.  I’ve been tracking the progress of the repair online and finally saw this screen last night:

My new iPod is on it’s way from China (I had the back engraved) with no fuss, no muss.

My confidence in Canadian technical support is still quite low, but after this situation, I can say it improved by a couple of notches…

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