Alive again!!!

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I’m back online again.

With a brand-spankin’ new website … this time using that new-fangled “cloud-based” inter-webby thing-a-ma-doodle stuff.  Seriously, why I hadn’t moved over to Linux and Open-source on my service provider before now … well, that’s just a thesis in procrastinating waiting to be written.

Up until now, I’d been posting a site based on 20th-century (okay, the last half of the 1990’s) website management processes – well at least for most personal and small business websites.  I used to use Frontpage, and then a bit of Dreamweaver and then (silly me) RapidWeaver.  I’d develop and construct the site on my PC/Mac and then upload / sync it to the webserver.

RapidWeaver somehow “ate” our family site.  It uses an odd system of encapsulating everything about the site in a single file.  One day I’d discovered that the file had become corrupted over the course of a couple of weeks – which really kind of emphasized a hole in my backup strategy: Incremental (Smart) backups of corrupted files don’t really help much… {sigh}

I’ve migrated all my sites from Windows, installed and started playing around with/testing  WordPress to manage my sites – so far so good.  I’m also going to be (obviously) merging my blog with my professional site since a lot of what I write on the blog (when I did) had to do something with music, technology, recording etc…

So please, do stay tuned… there’s a lot to come!

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