Rejection – doesn’t have to be all that bad does it?

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Thought I’d share something that got me thinking.

I know, I know, it’s yet another infrequent post by me. I dunno, but blogging is this fickle thing for me for some reason – feast or famine…

Anyhoo, just got a message from a client that I submitted a demo for that they are deciding to pass on me for the bigger project. I mentioned it to someone, and got the response:

“Oh, that just sucks – you must feel dejected!”

To tell you the truthI didn’t feel that bad – I got to do something that I quite enjoy, got some experience under my belt and learned some lessons.

I didn’t quite agree with the feedback, but hey, that’s what music is all about – it all hinges on personal expectations and taste. Sometimes two peoples’ visions don’t align, and that’s cool

I took the “rejection” with some grace – thanked them for the opportunity, told them I had fun doing it (and I did), and mentioned that I had ideas on other parts of the project and offered any help if they were open to it.

On to other stuff – turns out they’re open to other ideas and wouldn’t mind hearing them.

All in all, not too shabby. Sure, it would have been good to land the gig, but who knows? By taking it all in stride and looking to the positives, the door is still open for something down the road, which may even be a cooler gig…

We’lll see!

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