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Some of you may recall that I started tweeting about my Presonus audio interface deciding to quit a couple of weeks ago.

Well, it’s still sitting in my studio waiting to get fixed. I was thinking of replacing it, but then started entertaining repair options.

Of course, I contacted the Presonus customer service option on their site and got a fairly prompt response from them on procedures to start the repair process via a return authorization procedure. After a couple of emails, they discovered that I was from Canada.

I got directed to the Presonus distributor in Montreal… People down the street could probably hear my groan.

That was a week and a half ago…

I had a futile run-around experience with the Canadian distributor of M-Audio when my Delta 1010 interface on my PC started humming a few years back. I gave up and jumped to Presonus… {sigh}

If there’s one thing that I find absolutely infuriating about moving back to Canada (after 9 years in the US), is that the very concept of customer service is seriously lacking! That’s not a blanket statement by any means – there are companies that adopt good practices and treat their customers well up here, but there are a lot more companies I’ve run into that don’t seem to willing to adopt any practices that might promote customer loyalty.

Now, jury is still out on whether the Presonus distributor will come through, but I’ve been sent to Long and McQuade with the assurance that they’ll take the unit for me (they didn’t) and numerous emails which each seem to have progressively more names added to the “CC” line have been flying back and forth.

My last two emails have fallen into black e-holes – and we don’t have the American Thanksgiving to blame up here.

I just want a place to send the unit and get it fixed! I don’t care who’s supposed to do what nor who has an agreement with who …

Why does a (up to a week ago) happy customer have to endure complicated and lengthy processes, explanations and delays to get a routine support task completed?

I have a couple more days of patience left I think, then I guess I’m going to have to postpone my monitor speaker purchase and put that budget towards a competitor’s product.

… a product that doesn’t require you to interface with their Canadian distributor!

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  1. Ultimately the fault here lies with PreSonus. They are not obligated to have their Canadian distributor deal with repairs for Canadian customers, and could do it themselves. I've had other companies do so for products I've bought in Canada.

    I think this is worth mentioning on the next IHR.

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