What Just Happened???

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A few days ago, my main concerns were:

  1. applying enough sunscreen
  2. making sure the kids didn’t get caught in the undertow
  3. keeping little hands from touching sea turtles…

We arrived back from Maui last Wednesday morning (2:30AM to be exact). The morning of Tuesday, we were swimming in a pool in 80+degree, sunny weather and then that evening, returned to rainy weather and a temperature that was less than half of what we left.

A scant two days later, I find myself having driven four hours along Highway 1 in the dark (light faded at 4:30PM) and find myself in a small town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains named Princeton for a hockey tournament.

For peet sake! I was literally wearing two pieces of clothing (not counting flip flops) three days ago, and now, I’m packing multiple layers …

After experiencing tropical island life for just over a week, I wonder whether my ancestors were oblivious to warmer climates, or were just plain lazy when they decided to emigrate from the British Isles…


I guess getting back to the regularly scheduled program can never be something that’s gradual or forgiving.

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