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Well, coolness happened in our neighbourhood today (and tonight). The House on the next block – we can literally see it out of our window at the back – was being used for an episode of Fringe.

The entire main cast was seen – Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), and Philip Broyles (Lance Reddick). I brought the kids over to watch what looks like the final scene of the episode this afternoon and we got to speak with Joshua and get a pic with him – very nice guy – even asked how the kids liked their first day of school. No idea what the episode is about, but Joshua said that it’s #7 this season – we’ll be watching as always!

One other cool surprise was that we had Dr. Bishop’s infamous station wagon parked out in front of our house too.

It’s amazing that they can actually pump these episodes out so fast given what seems like such an inefficient process. There are tons of trucks and equipment around, 40-50 people milling around on the set and they seem to spend a lot of time doing … stuff for perhaps 1-2 minutes of “action” per hour.

Regardless, it was cool to have all this happen in our own back yard – fun stuff!

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