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Today, for the first time in a year, I talked on a phone at the back of our house without worrying whether the call would be dropped…

Since we moved back to Vancouver, Catherine and I have been trying to use just our cell phones as our primary (and only) means of voice communication. Well, Catherine has a desk phone at her office, but that’s beside the point.

We haven’t had a “land line” in our house for over a year.

We thought, “Hey, our cell phones should be more than enough. We’re in the midst of a large metropolis and what do we really need a land line for?”

Okay, well, here’s the list:

  • Even though we’re in a well-established neighborhood minutes from downtown Vancouver and UBC, unless we’re on the front porch or up in the master bedroom, a call to or from our cell phones will undoubtedly get dropped. And, we’re on two totally different plans with two differenct carriers (Telus and Rogers) – no difference.
  • How the heck do you actually send and receive FAXes easily? Sorry if that seems like the dark ages to you, but some businesses up here in Canada still insist on electronic document transfer via 1980’s technology.
  • 911 and the kids – we pretty well have to make sure that anyone babysitting the kids has a cell phone or leave one of ours if we go out. Plus, if something were to happen to one of us, would the kids be able to 1. find our phones and then 2. be able to place a call reliably?

So, yeah, now we have an old-fashioned land line. Well, not so old-fashioned, it’s with Vonage, so it’s only “old fashioned” up until the little orange box that converts my silky voice into 1’s and 0’s.

I’m okay with that – at least I still have my cell, although, I don’t have to hesitate calling people back in fear of appearing rude and having the call dropped…

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