My Vacation in Southwestern Ontario… so far

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Well, the fam and I are three days into our vacation in Ontario – back to visit friends and family in the midst of some tourist-type activities…

So far, so good. The weather has definitely been cooler – it was 104 degrees Fahrenheit in Seattle when we left and 38 degrees Celsius in Vancouver the day before – freakin’ hot. We got here and were tempted to drive on the QEW to my parents’ place with the windows down instead of using the air conditioner!

We’ve seen grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – all the good stuff so far – Niagara Falls was yesterday and tomorrow, we’re off to Toronto.

Some personal noteworthy observations about the trip so far:

  • I didn’t have to turn on my iPod once on the plane trip – someone was good enough to program the “Watchmen” and 3 episodes of “Flight of the Conchords” on Air Canada!
  • It seems as though Ontario has some odd Metric conversion going on – 100 Km/h speed limit seems to translate into a minimum of 130 Km/h….
  • Pedestrians seem to be a lowly lifeform here (approaching how they’re viewed in Montreal) – I found myself yelling at some dude in a Pontiac Sunfire while crossing the street with my family – I almost had the heels taken of my shoes after my son and I stepped out of his lane.
  • Speaking of pedestrians – walking anywhere tends to be snickered at. You can’t get anywhere in the “Golden Horseshoe” (who thought of that name anyway?) without getting into a car.
  • “Service” has, so far, translated to mean to treat customers with disdain and contempt, taking their money and hoping that they never want to come back into your store / restaurant ever again…
  • An “Alternative Rock” station I hit seemed to be, at least to me, classic rock with a bit of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden sprinkled in for “modern” taste…

Funny being a tourist again in the “yard” where I grew up. It’s cool to see the familiar as a bit unfamiliar. Looking forward to seeing old friends and relatives again! I’ll see what I can post down the way…

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  1. Dave I hope you have better luck with customer service when you're here in Toronto! Perhaps I've been lucky, but it has been some time since I've run into contemptuous service here, so I hope you get good service!

    I hear you about drivers though; it seems that driving has become the receptacle for stress, tension, frustration and anger. I'm glad I take the subway to work, and that I live in a part of Toronto where so much is available to me within walking/mass transit distance.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    John Meadows
    On the Log

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