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Late Night TV

Catherine and I watch late-night news most nights – and we typically watch CBC’s The National … mainly because it’s the only decent one on at 10:00. Okay, we’d probably miss any news show we tried to watch at 11:00 because we’d fall asleep.

It’s a little bit stodgy and sometimes, when the news cycle for the day seems to be quite dry, going to bed early will definitely be the best option – CBC is not the best at creating filler or fluff pieces.

The nights that we actually do get to the end of the broadcast and get to see the flirtatious jibes between Peter Mansbridge and CBC’s “senior meteorologist”, Claire Martin, we get our ten minutes of local Vancouver news and then…

It’s “The HOUR” with George Stroumboulopoulos (put that name on the back of a hockey jersey). The Hour is the only Canadian late-night talk-show and I gotta say, the show itself seems to be able to book a lot of great talent. BUT, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to watch the show for more than five minutes…

I don’t think it’s the late hour and it’s definitely not the fact that there are so many other fantastic shows on at the same time (ahem) … but I have to admit, something about Georgie just makes me want to turn the TV off.

Some of my complaints:

  • He tries to be funny with little skits and impromtu stand-up-like routines … and to me, it sounds as though even the audience is being threatened to at least force their laughter.
  • He talks WAY too fast.
  • He comes off as being … immodest – I have no idea why he would have a big ego…

I think the thing that seems a bit grating about the show is that someone at CBC (don’t know if we can entirely blame George) is that he’s been officially labeled as “Canada’s boyfriend“.

“Your boyfriend is next after your late local news.”
“Tune in to see your favourite boyfriend tonight…”
“Hello there, it’s me, your boyfriend, and on tonight’s show…”

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble seeing how I’d be attracted to George.

He does have a show, seems to be famous and well connected, so I guess there’s that going for him, but really …

George Stroumboulopoulos: a sex symbol?

Am I out of touch with what others see as attributes that contribute to a man being attractive or desirable?

I don’t know, maybe I AM turning into a cranky old geezer.

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  1. If you do want to watch him, he's on earlier in the evening on Newsworld. At 11, I prefer watching the Daily Show on the Comedy Network, then the Colbert Report if I can stay up (which I usually can't).

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