My Toys Suck

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… well, that’s what my son said in not so many words.

I just bought and am in the process of configuring and and setting up a Network Attached Storage device on our home network – copying files over, setting up backup programs to talk to it…

My son walks in and asks what I’m doing …

“Playing with my new toy” I tell him.

It’s black, it’s shiny, it’s got cool lights that are blinking.

He asks what it’s for and I try to explain that it’s so that we can keep our data in a centralized place AND have it on redundant/mirrored media.

Before I finish, I can see his eyes glazing over … his hope that it’s some sort of cool new Star Wars device from Toys R Us dashed to oblivion.

It’s then that I wonder … when did my toys start to adopt this … “boringness”? Maybe next time, I’ll bundle the optional lightsaber, holoprojector option with my electronic shopping cart…

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