Mystery of the Lost Tooth

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Our little guy Alex, lost his tooth a couple of days ago.

He wanted to save it for show and tell today. He got up this morning and put the tooth in a little carrying case (shaped like a tooth) and strung it around his neck to bring to school.

Well, as you can probably guess from the title of this post, just before going into class, we discovered the carrying case hanging open and the tooth missing.

We took a look around the playground and … sigh … didn’t find it. Well, it’s a playground with woodchips ALL over, and a bazillion other kids were playing at the same time, so chances were pretty slim of finding it.

On the way home with Sam, I found myself in a very deep discussion about why the Tooth Fairy would most likely still be able to “re-imburse” Alex for his tooth … even though the said tooth was not going to be in the, ahem, agreed-upon location: under the pillow.

I found myself wondering how much of this she’ll remember. I’m pretty sure that Alex will – after all, it was his first tooth.

Chris is now at the age where doubts have surfaced and he gives little winks and nods at the mention of different holiday and special characters quite regularly.

It’ll be interesting to probe their memories in the next few years and see what sticks and what doesn’t.

I’m only hoping that these memories aren’t the catalysts for future therapy sessions …

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