Come on, stop it… it’s embarrassing

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Every so often, when there’s nothing else to do or watch later in the evening, I’ll watch the CBC’s “The National“. There’s a segment that our eloquent host, Peter Mansbridge brings up every now and then, a segment called “Your Turn“. It’s a very small bit where he’ll read off a couple of comments from viewers who have written in about segments aired on previous episodes.

I’ve asked myself, on a few occassions: “Who actually spends the time to write in?”

Well, I found out who – I actually went to the site, digged up the submit form and wrote in. Here’s what I wrote:

“Please stop playing to the insecure, whining Canadian stereotype. It’s really quite embarrassing.

Being a proud Canadian who lived in the United States for 9 years, I can tell you that yes, Americans do like us, and there are some who admire our way of life. We’re just not at the top of their minds all the time… nor should we expect to be.

The Canadian media (that includes you, Peter and Rex), needs to get over the fact that the United States does not share your exaggerated sense of self-importance. Take a cue from the at-issue panel last evening who, at the least, all seemed to view the agenda for the Obama visit with rational eyes rather than snubs to petty, jealous delusions of grandeur.”

What prompted this you ask?

Last evening, the burr in Peter’s bonnet was the newly released schedule of Barak Obama’s visit to Canada on February 19th. With a few peppered references to Canadians being “snubbed”, the main thrust of the commentary for the evening wasn’t the fact that this is Obama’s first foreign visit as President nor that this could be a great opportunity to put our best foot forward with a new administration, but rather the fact that the visit is for less than 6 hours without {gasp} any expected pomp and circumstance.

The injustice!

The travesty!

He’s not even going to address Parliament, stay for a state dinner or even bring Michelle and the kids along!

How rude!

{rolling eyes}

It was Rex Murphy’s rant that put it over the edge for me. I hate to generalize, but why is it that Canadians (actually, it’s mostly the Canadian media) have entitlement issues when it comes to the United States and Americans? There always seems to be some sort of cup-is-half-empty mentality when it comes to any interaction between our two countries. There’s some sort of misplaced sense that Canada and Canadians are not much more important and proper than our southern neighbours.

A decade ago, this didn’t really bother me, but after living amongst our American neighbours for a few years, I got a good chance to see Canada from an outside point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I love being Canadian and am the first to admit I’m proud of the country I call home, but comments like the kind Rex Murphy made make our country look like a spoiled little brat.

I can not, for the life of me, see any high horse other Canadians seem to feel they are perched on. Please get down, you look stupid up there.

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