When it Rains…

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Dang! What’s been going on? I obviously haven’t had enough time or inclination to sit down and write a post!

Can’t really pin it to anything earth-shattering. Just been busy as heck with kid activities, other family stuff and whatever I can get done with Hatched Productions when I can.

I’ll be the first to admit, that this “blog” isn’t the top of the priority list, but I guess I’m sort of in this phase of cleaning a few things up right now. Catherine kindly reminded me that I hadn’t updated our family website for almost a YEAR. I couldn’t believe it’d been that long! It didn’t help that my admin PC (which hosts the local templates and files for the sites) went all wonky. I have no idea what happened, but XP got corrupted and I had to do a quick install of another version to get the files off of it. It’s going to have to be squashed down and rebuilt from the ground up I’m afriad.Link

Now, I can’t really complain, but I’ve got a heck of a lot of projects on the go now. I just finished a gig for Trav – he threw four three minute spots at me last week. With the kids schedule and Catherine’s work, I only had a few hours each night to really work on them. Now, I’m on to working with a great trio who are doing a tribute to the Andrews Sisters and want to hire me to create backing tracks for the their gig. That should be fun.

On top o’ that, I’ve got my keyboard parts for the CaPe challenge at The Womb and I’m kinda trying to write a tune for the song challenge at the Home Made Hitshow. It’s supposed to be a song that incorporates a girl’s name – don’t know if I’ll use a proper name, but rather do something against the grain and use a name that rhymes with “itch”.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to meeting a guy on Friday for a possible teaching gig at the Art Institute. We’ll see how that goes.

Gotta go pick up Sam from Art class. More later…

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