A New Holiday Proposal

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Big, freakin’ sigh…

Well, not only did the calendar confirm it, but come September 22, in Vancouver, the weather did as well:

It’s autumn.

From my point of view, the next few months up until February are interesting and then, well… {snore}

So, you’ve got Canadian Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, then there’s Halloween, then American Thanksgiving (gotta think about that with three little Americans in the house … and the football on TV) and then there’s Christmas and New Year’s. Pile in all the remaining birthdays (Catherine in November, me in December and the two boys in February) and it’s a pretty jam-packed section of the year.

I don’t really count Valentine’s as besides some possible gifts and flowers, there isn’t really a day off to put the day over the top… 😉

After that, up until possibly Easter, it’s kind of the doldrums… You’ve got cold season (and I ALWAYS seem to catch a doosie these past few years) and it’s hit and miss on the weather and doing stuff outside.

It’s an all around, unequivocal, no-doubt-about-it … DRAG. I mean, what happens? What gets done? Who is actually working at more than half speed until spring comes along?

I’d like to propose a “parent’s day” holiday. Or better yet, right after March break, how about a “Parent’s Week”? Time off for any adult with kids under the age of 12 complete with child-care for the week.

Put this week in the middle of March, and I’m pretty darn sure you’d boost productivity, GDP and whotnot between January and March to more than off-set the cost of child-care and time off.

I gotta go and crunch the numbers

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