Balls in the Air

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It always seems to happen no matter what my best intentions are. I get freakin’ too much going at once!

Here we are, just three or so weeks in Vancouver – almost the end of July – and I’m wondering where the summer went. One day, it was the end of school, and we were on a plane out west and then, here we are about to move into our house, which, back in June, seemed to be MILES away!

On top of taking care of the move and the kids schedule, I’m trying to squeeze getting two feet on the ground with respect to Hatched Productions!

I’ve already got a bunch of folks I’ve begrudgingly had to put off getting back to. I’ve been trying to touch base with some composers in town to pick brains about the industry here as well as possibly collaborate with. There are some potential leads that have come in through some contacts I have made and there’s this agent/agency that’s looking like a perfect fit!

All this happening at the same time! Don’t want to complain about the raining=pouring thing, but I also hope I can be mindful of all the balls in the air and keep them up there!

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