Dreams and … Songs in my Head

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“Weird” is the only word I can think of…

Maybe it’s just a “Freaky Friday” post.

Weird in that I’ve been having really vivid dreams the past few weeks.

It’s not that I have them every night or never had them before, but they seem to be happening more frequently that they used to.

I don’t remember them all, but I do wake up remembering that I had a dream … and usually I remember the fact that a LOT happened. The little gears in my mind were stuck in high during the wee hours of the night.

Last night, I seem to recall snippets of a situation where I was under the impression I was still a teenager in Ottawa (although none of the landmarks were from any city I’ve been in) and I was riding a bike along the Sea Wall (which is actually in Vancouver) to get to a large pool to swim laps (haven’t swum laps for exercise for a LONG time).

A lot more happened in this dream, but I can’t remember what… The only thing that I can connect in these dreams is that they’re all different and they have nothing to do with what I’ve been doing / thinking about the past few weeks: kids and moving in…

The other odd thing I’m finding is that I am waking up with songs in my head – not necessarily good ones either! This morning, I woke up with the theme song to the “Big Comfy Couch“. I was tempted to whack my head against the wall until the song was out of my head…

I’m thinking the song thing might be a symptom of not having a studio to work in. I’ve been “composing” music in my head without any way of trying it out … might be that kind of “frustration” that’s causing my mind to play cruel tricks on me.

I attribute it mostly to Tony and Dave over at the Home Made Hit Show. They’re running a song challenge “contest” of sorts. You’ve gotta write a song that incorporates “Summer” in it by August 10th. I came up with a pretty cool idea that I’d like to get down and I’ve been putting it all together in my head – getting things ready for when we move in and I get my studio back together. I THINK I may have enough time to lay down some tracks and record it… We’ll see.

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