What a Difference…

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WOW, what can I say?

I’m being a bit of a broken record here, but geeze, I think this town is working out just fine.

Can’t complain about the weather either! It’s been sunny and warm for the past two weeks and that doesn’t seem to be changing in the future…

I’m really talking about the climate of people / business here. I’ve been here three weeks and I’ve connected up with a bunch of local composers and potentially landed 3 music-related gigs!

I signed in and looked through the GCFC‘s site a couple weeks ago after updating all my contact info there. I did a quick ‘n dirty search on composers residing in the lower mainland. I looked over a few sites and picked a dozen who looked as though they’d been doing well for themselves and sent out emails to each of them.

Within a week, I’d say I’d gotten 10 responses to my request to have a coffee / chat about the industry. I did the same thing back east two years ago, and didn’t have nearly the success.

I’ve met one of the composers so far and he even invited me to come to an orchestral recording session at the CBC studios here. Not to mention, he referred me to some other local cats I might want to get in touch with…

On top of that, we’re finally in to our new place … well sort of. We’ve got the painters there right now and the floors are going to be done next week. We move in on the 26th…

BUT, I do have to say, it’s nice to actually be able to freely go in and out of our new place!

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