Kids + Pool = Hours of Entertainment

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Yesterday, our house got cleared out.

We’re now the proud owners of an empty house and a bunch of other stuff that’s locked up in a couple of containers on the back of a truck.

For today and tomorrow, we’re staying at Catherine’s brothers’ (Uncle Kai) place. He’s got this little 4 foot deep octagon pool (about 10 feet from side to side) that the kids are just loving!

Got me wondering when I changed from loving being in the water even though my lips were blue and I was shivering to a “parent” who’s always trying to suggest we get out and get warm. Of course, my suggestions were consistently vetoed.

Back to the first point – empty house. Geez! It’s really odd and a bit spooky to walk through a place you called home when it’s transformed into a echo-filled cavern. Walking through empty rooms brings back a lot of memories.

You’d think that having all our “stuff” there would do that, but, at least to me, it seems as though the absence of any furniture or whotnot, (and probably the impending move) brings back a whole raft of experiences. We’re going to head back one more time to look through before getting on the plane tomorrow.

Speaking of being at Uncle Kai’s place…

Before I figured out what the password for Uncle Kai’s wireless access point, I found 2 out of 4 available WiFi connections in the neighbourhood were not locked down.

I dunno, I GUESS the chances of some malicious hacker driving by and getting into my connection for nefarious purposes are probably pretty low, but I, personally don’t want to tempt fate there.

Maybe the new “tiered” or pay-as-you-go services being proposed south of the border may be a bit of a kick in the pants for folks to lock down their access points.

Oh well, off to Vancouver tomorrow! More later.

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