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We got our Wii yesterday!

Mom and Dad presented the kids with the Wii at Uncle Kai/Aunt Nicole’s place yesterday. They hosted a going-away party.

After everyone left, we set it up and played until the kids started whining about needing sleep. 😉

What a blast. This is the first video game platform that I think Catherine can actually get into as well!

I can’t believe how small the box is too – it’s not much bigger than a protable DVD player.

So, of course, it only comes with Wii Sports, but that’ll change quickly soon. Guitar Hero World Tour is coming out soon – that’ll be the next on the list me thinks.

Ho Hum…

I’m waiting for the movers to arrive. Catherine has the kids over at the playground after dropping Chris at school. The house is in boxes.

The only thing still connected is the phone. I reluctantly disconnected the Internet connection last night, but remembered that there are a couple of unsecured WiFi points at neighbours’ houses around here.

After they left, I dug out the laptop and … bada bing, bada boom … Back in action! So this’ll do me until the the battery dies… 😉

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