Damn it! Dora is Back…

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After a couple of successful months without having to hear that annoying “Backpack” and “Map” songs or the chorus of “Swiper, no swiping, Swiper, NO SWIPING!”…

Sam, out of the blue, requested to see Dora the Explorer again (there’s a Wiki page for everything these days … low standards).

We have been letting the kids watch TV on the weekends and each have a few requests for what they’d like to watch. Sam had started requesting other shows and not watching Dora (to the absolute delight of myself and Catherine … not to mention Chris as well). So, we took the show off the PVR recording schedule.

We’ve been enjoying a whole host of other shows that, I’m sure with time, could become just as grating as Dora – Toopy and Binoo is a show that’s first on the list of quickly getting there. We were REALLY hoping that Dora was a phase long gone in the rear-view mirror.

{Groan} No such luck…

The only saving grace is that this is the last weekend with the PVR. We’re going to be staying with Catherine’s parents for a few weeks before moving into the new place, and we’ll see if that’s a bit of a distraction from their regular routine. They’ve got a PVR too, but I’ll be sure to see if I can “sell” some other options for their weekend viewing… 😉


Speaking of last weekend with a favourite piece of technology, I broke everything down in the studio last evening. That means, we are pretty well completely packed. 🙂 I backed up things on hard drives in triplicate and have padding for everything.

It was a solemn evening – only to be revived by a two hour session on RockBand with Catherine. We’ve almost completed our quest to get five stars on every song. Those last Iron Maiden and Metallica tunes and a couple others are still our nemisis on hard…

Boxes are everywhere. Things are taped up, labeled and ready to go. It’s really odd living in this kind of transition period. I really can’t wait to get roots settled down.

I think this’ll be the last post before Vancouver. So farewell to Toronto and hello west coast!

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