Been a While…

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Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’ve been AWOL for a week or so. It’s been packing, packing, packing man!

I can’t really take credit for all the organization around here – that’d be Catherine. I was planning to pack up my studio today, but my pal, Travis, sent me a couple of files last evening wondering if I could lay down some tracks.

Sent him a “boy are you lucky you didn’t email tomorrow” message and got to work last night and today. I sent him off some tracks that I think might work – we’ll see what he says. If it’s good, then I’m a-packing away…

On another note, found a cool product called “Autosampler” through a post on The Womb. It’ll go through your hardware / software synths and sample them into Logic’s EXS|24 sampler. This is cool, cause, I’ve been essentially staring at my synths for the past couple of months wondering when / if I’d be using them like I used to.

Logic has made using soft-synths so easy, that it’s been so painful to even think of trying to record hardware synths anymore.

Plus, me thinks the sale of these synths after the fact will more than justify the price!

Well, maybe another post before the move…

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