Little Boy in Heap O’ Trouble

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Ooooooooooo boy,

One little boy in our family is getting the tough lovin’ treatment today!

After a half week and weekend of being home sick and recovering quite nicely yesterday, Alex decided in the car, just outside his school that he STILL didn’t feel well.

This wasn’t one of those “oh, I’m feeling kind of hot, I can’t eat much and I’d like to just lie down and rest” kinds of things. That happened LAST week.

This was a “Hey, that was pretty good last week – I got to stay home, play with ALL the toys and get pampered! … Let’s do it AGAIN!” – all complete with tears and hysterics in the back seat as we were pulling up to school.

I was NOT amused – especially after a whole day and morning of running around like nothing’s wrong.

He’s eating lunch right now, but I think re-considering his decision as I made it pretty darn clear that he’s going to be doing the same thing he did this morning after he’s done eating:


Nothing but resting in his bed with

no toys,
no talking,
no TV
… nothing.

And guess what he gets to do when the other two come home from school today?

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