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Dunno what happened yesterday, but all the kids slept in! I got up about 7:20 … by myself for once … and Sammie got up. Then I had to wake the two boys who were sawing logs at 7:50…

This morning was a different story. All three little feet were active at 6:45. Sheesh!

Cool tidbit from this morning. Was listening to KEXP via the ‘net – it was around 7:00 AM, so 4:00 in Seattle and the DJ put on “Mimi on the Beach” by Jane Siberry! Like holy ___, I hadn’t heard that song in like eons! I emailed him sending some kudos for not only playing some Canadian content, but something from way out in left field from the I’d-forgotten-about-that archives. He emailed back and said he’d been on a Sibbery kick for the past couple of weeks and actually acknowledge my email on air a few minutes later… heh.

Anyway, starting a little project for my pal in Seattle – Travis. He and I have been collaborating on his films for almost 3 years now. He and I seem to have this awesome rapport.

Lately, he’s been doing a lot of commercial shoots which are definitely different from film, but also regular and come with budgets!

This time, he’s working on some “super secret” project with a Hollywood screenwriter and has asked me to score a short 1.5 minute clip that I gather is going to be the calling card for the screenplay / film. Can’t get into any details about it, but he’s given me carte blanche … a blank page. He’s essentially given me complete control on sound / kind of music, where it goes, what have you… He TRUSTS me with it all … silly boy!

Well, Crap! Where to start? It’s not from lack of ideas or anything, it’s the process of self-imposing boundaries and getting down to work.

I think I’ve got a good idea of the sound and spotting for the scene – which is a good start… now to see what comes out of the muse this morning…

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