The “Hump” Week

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Well, here I go, almost at the top of the hill… Catherine just left for Vancouver and we’re starting week 5 of 10 without Mom.

I’m sick again. The cold conveniently started on Friday evening and thru Mother’s Day to today… I guess I can’t really be surprised as I’ve been sort of burning the candle at both ends and being a little too optimistic about the temperature outside. hmmm… Regardless, just a bit stuffed up and tired.

Man! What a weekend – little Alex is a bike-riding monster! Saturday afternoon, I took off his training wheels (with some protest), ran up behind him halfway up and down the block … TWICE … and then he was on his own! Starting and stopping by himself!!! It’s like he’s been riding for months!

Now Chris is much more interested in riding his bike… hmmm… 😉

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