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Okay, so the kid in the picture really has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it was funny…

Right now, I’m listening to Daft Punk‘s Human After All album (“Robot Rock” just came up) and reflecting on the week while the kids play a bit before bedtime…

I dunno whether or not I should be concerned about a conversation I had with our 8 year old this week.

I’ve noticed the past couple of weeks, when I’ve dropped him off at school, he hasn’t really been as affectionate as he usually is when he’s off to school. I usually walk him into the yard and then give him a hug and kiss goodbye. This past week, he’s been reluctantly giving me at least a hug and doing this nervous giggle when I give him a kiss.

I asked him what was up at bedtime a couple nights ago.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to give you a kiss in front of my friends.”


I hope I didn’t let on that my heart hit the floor with a gigantic thud right then and there.

We chatted a bit about it and decided that we’ll do quick, stealth kisses instead. As I left his room after a bit of a snuggle, I couldn’t help but keep on thinking about the incident:

When was it that I started being “embarrassed” to give my parents a kiss?

Was I older or younger than he?

How’d my parents react to that news?

I know he’s a very affectionate kid and also quite confident around his peers, but I guess we’re coming to the age where standing out from the rest of the crowd starts to become taboo. I remember those kinds of feelings and dilemmas: “What will everyone else think???”

You lead two different lives – one with your family and another in front of your friends… at least for a while through the pubescent years and then something happens…

You feel comfortable being unique again.

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  1. My daughters still like a hug and kiss when I drop them off at school — in fact, if I don’t do that, they often remind me to. But each kid is different. Still, I’m glad they continue to enjoy it; I’m expecting that could change anytime.

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