To Pirate or not to Pirate…

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Last week, I posted on my Facebook status that I “was right pissed that my iPod disk had crashed”. I found later that it wasn’t dead as I was able to update it using Catherine’s iBook. I concluded that there was something fishy with the front USB port on my Mac Pro as the data was coming from the same place (a disk on the Mac Pro).

Everything’s hunky-dorry…

Fast forward to yesterday morning. Fire up the machine and I’m face-to-face with the gray Apple Logo on my screen for minutes on end. hmmmm….

not good.

Finally, the machine wakes up and my familiar desktop appears MINUS the “Music” drive (which is a partition on one of the 500Gb drives I put in the box).

not good.

I boot up Disk Utility, find the partition in the list and click on the trusty “Repair Disk” button. chug-a-chug-chug.

Found errors …

Fixing errors …

Your drive is good to go now!

Great! I open up iTunes and try out some of the tracks. Looks good… whoops, one doesn’t play, then another, one more plays, oops, another one doesn’t…

not good.

Fast forward through more trouble-shooting through the morning and afternoon trying to rebuild and transfer files to a “safe” location. I’m not entirely panicking as I have been exercising safe disk practices using protection and backups … well most of the time.

That’s what led me to downloading a demo version of a data recovery tool on the ‘net. “How awesome!” I think. I can try this out and see if it can salvage the disk. If this actually works, I’ll buy it, ’cause I know with all the hard drives I have, it’s bound to happen again.

Well, it was a bit too much to expect – the demo version of the product WAS actually crippled and didn’t let me do everything I wanted to see it do … unless I forked out a pile o’ cash … which is non-refundable of course.

Now, here’s the dilemma – what to do? I don’t want to shell out some clams for the chance that this product might work the way it says it will. I have MOST of the data on a backup, but I’d like to at least try and get it all.

Well, as it turns out a simple search on Google containing the product name and “serial” comes up with a bunch o’ hits to sites that publish serial numbers to software.

Wow! Should I? I DO intend to purchase the product if it actually works, but I can’t really see if it works to my satisfaction unless I “crack” it which technically isn’t … playing by the rules.

Well, if I use the serial and it works, I’ll definitely buy it, and then the company gets my money. If it doesn’t work, well, I don’t have a piece of software that has been put into the “Write-off” expense category.

So, I guess I’ll let you know whether or not I bought a new software product or not later…

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