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Well, here I am – all alone with the kids still asleep upstairs.

Catherine left almost an hour ago (it’s 6:21 according to the Rogers Cable box…). Thought I’d get up and make she and I a cup o’ coffee before the cab arrived this morning. I just emailed her – she’s at the airport already.

I should be hearing little footfalls upstairs sometime soon – watch this be the one day that they all decide to want to sleep in…


Can’t believe it – we didn’t even go to market. Claire-Anne, the agent we went with, came into our place a week ago, was about to do the whole staging thing and all, then suggested she bring in some buyers she’d been dealing with before she listed. They were here on Monday, and worked to get their financing in order all week. Friday, they presented us with a super clean offer (no inspection even!) and we signed it then…

{whoosh of a tornado and then silence…}

Now, I’ve gotta coordinate movers and what else? Oh yeah, Catherine’s gotta find a place in Vancouver. Details, shmetails…

Work Schtuff…

Well, this week, it’s going to be a review of Reaper – suggested by a listener on the IHR forum. I’ve heard a lot about this app, but never really looked at it since it didn’t support video, but this should be pretty fun to do – it’s small (3.2 Mb), and launches damn quick!

My friend Reek Havok, emailed me yesterday asking for a couple of tracks for he and Alan White of Yes to use in a demo at a drum/percussion conference at the end of the month. They’re going to be using sections of “Perpetual Change” off of the “Yes Album” to demonstrate something to do with odd time signatures (15/8 going to 7/4) and need to have the instrumental tracks covered so that they can trigger them from samplers. At least that’s what he told me.

Billy Sherwood is apparently going to be emailing me some of the tracks he’s done, but Reek asked me to just start recording what I can get from the original recordings … just in case. 😉

Other than that, it’s continuing on the song I started last week – turning into some stadium anthem – if I can just write lyrics that don’t suck, then it’d be killer! :O

More later…

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