The Last Few Days of “Normality”…

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Lots ‘n lots o’ changes are coming down the pipe…

Of course, it all is on account of the fact that we’re moving to Vancouver. Catherine’s last day of work is today, and she’s got four days to go until she’s out west, then it’s me and the kids for the weekdays!

I’m not thinking it’s going to be too much of a hassle – barring that we get the house sold today. If not, I’m NOT looking forward to having to deal with having to get the place staged, and then open for folks to look at on the open market… (sigh). Our agent seems to be top notch, but has a reputation of being … demanding of her clients. 😉

Anyway, besides that, it’ll be odd to have to be without Catherine during the week. I’m thinking of getting her a webcam so that we can do the iChat thing during the week. The weird thing is that I can’t seem to find many third party ones that will work with Macs. Odd, I’d have thought they’d be pretty ubiquitous.

Now, to prepare for two 8-year-olds to come home for lunch and actually eat instead of hovering over their DS’s.


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