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Why are burps, farts, hiccups, etc. so appealing and hilarious to kids?

I mean, I remember being young and bursting out, rolling on the floor laughing while my friends and I tried to out-do each other by making “outbursts” longer and louder than the other.

My kids seem to be at a stage where the default response / joke to everything seems to be something to do with poop, burp, whatever – and maniacal laughter ensues.

Of course, as a parent, my default response is to try and discourage or re-direct that kind of behaviour into something that’s more appropriate. You know, just in case they get into a habit of doing it and blurt something out at school or in front of others and get in trouble or embarrassed… but today, I started thinking about that reaction.

When did it all change? When did letting one go in the elevator with your friends become taboo? In high school? University? First job? No, I can think of a couple of recent times when I or others were purposely “juvenile” with C and/or good friends and we all had a little snicker.

So, the fun in all of this hasn’t really gone, it’s just a bit more subdued I guess.

With the kids, there’s a bit of knee-jerk parental responsibility to teach some restraint, but, I guess it all comes down to a matter of trust with the kids. Trusting that we’ve taught them appropriate discretion and judgment to know when or when it’s not appropriate for expressing themselves in “non-traditional” ways…

i.e. Maybe it’s okay a couple of times at home with your brothers/sisters and in small, infrequent doses… It’s definitely not okay in the middle of class or in front of your grandparents at Christmas dinner…

In the end, I resolved to show them how it’s really done. it was a heck of a lot more fun to join in and be an example for discretion and restraint rather than a broken record spouting off rules and doling out time-outs…

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