Westward Ho!

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Well, the cat is officially out of the bag.

We’re going to be moving again … to Vancouver.

I think the hardest part of the move was telling mom. I phoned her yesterday and there were tears… She was understanding, but sorry for having us and the kids be so far away again.

It all happened so fast. Catherine hit on some “magical formula” for her resume and started getting calls from recruiters and the like from all over – Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. One of the calls was from UBC.

They flew her out for an interview and then shortly after that, offered her a position – with a lot of perks.

Next to telling the family about the move, the most difficult part will be finding a house that fits us! Sure the real estate market in Toronto has been strong, but it definitely pales in comparison to Vancouver!

Catherine’s going to be starting mid-April and I’ll be taking care of the kids while she commutes back on weekend until probably June…

More to come!


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