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Man, I am NOT doing something right these days…

I’ve got yet ANOTHER cold. I was only able to get back to the gym for one week and then Monday, I was hit hard with another cough/sneeze/stuffed up thing! NOT good.

It’ll probably be gone by the time we’re out in Vancouver next week, but hopefully by Friday…


I got the gig on the Inside Home Recording Podcast! I sent in a segment that Paul and Derek put in Episode #55. I guess I didn’t screw up too much.

We’re in the midst of trying to get together while I’m out there on the west coast. It’s looking good for next Thursday.

I’m in the slot as the “PC Guy” which is a bit ironic in that I’m now on the Mac, but I do still use the PC’s a lot in the studio, so I guess it’s not a total sham. šŸ˜€

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