Holy F*&k it’s Cold!!!

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Check out this article on CTV’s site. For all of those who measure their temperature in Americanese, -30 degrees Celsius (that’s including wind chill) is equivalent to about – 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let’s just say the kiddies went out with every stitch of warm clothing that they own and were dropped off with multiple reminders of bundling up with all they’re wearing (although they’re not going to be let outside all day…

What was on last night? The Grammys? {Yawn} I’m going to bed…

Man, this writer’s strike is certainly a boon for other forms of entertainment – like going to bed early. This was supposedly their 50th year – ya gotta wonder whether they’ll be around in the next 50. Even with the show being the ONLY thing on (trust me, the only good thing competing with it was a re-run of Desperate Housewives and American Gladiator), they still had declining viewership.

You can’t deny that, if you’re involved in the music industry, a Grammy is certainly THE award to get, but I don’t know if they’re going to be able to evolve and be as relevant as they once were with the public viewers these days. The Grammy’s are voted upon by folks in the industry – much like the Oscars and the Emmys – if you’ve won one of those, you’re eligible to vote. So, yeah, getting an award from your peers is quite THE thing.

But, I think the industry has changed drastically from when the awards started back in ’57. The public is no longer being “fed” their music. The Internet has enabled a more distributed “pull” structure to the music consumption market. Consumers are now able to quickly search, sample and purchase music from a variety of sources and even from the artists themselves – bypassing the traditional industry.

I’m sure there’ll still be super-groups and superstars in the future (who generally feed the Grammy machine), but I’d hazard to bet that those acts won’t enjoy the almost unanimous attention they could have gotten back in the ’70’s and ’80’s.

I guess for those artists and the people who follow them, the Grammys and award shows like them will be relevant, but I feel that there’s a ground-swell of the public who will become more fickle and discerning about the music they purchase. Coupled with a growing comfort and ease of finding music that suits their immediate needs, I can see a bigger and bigger group of people seeing the Grammys as a non-event.

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