When is it nap time?

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Here’s what I opened the door to this morning…

Yes, snow… and I got to shovel all of it after dropping the kids off at school.

Now that I’m done shoveling, I’m waiting for the snow plow to come by … oh, yeah, I’m waiting with a sharp stick and a big rock I should say… 😉

C and I were lamenting last night about the choice we made to move here rather than Vancouver back in 2006.

Water under the bridge I guess… {sigh}

Facebook Frenzy

What the heck happened yesterday? I got contacted by four different people – out of the blue – to be friends on Facebook. It’s great to reconnect and all, but what went on? I haven’t had a friend request in a couple of weeks and then in one day – actually, within about two hours of each other – I get four requests.

Very weird…

Icky Thump

I broke down and finally bought/downloaded the latest White Stripes album. It’s really growing on me quite fast. I was in one of those “I need some new music” moods last night and nothing was really grabbing me. The usual perusal through “People who bought this album also bought..” links wasn’t really turning up anything and Icky Thump has sort of been in the back of my mind as one of those albums that I should probably give a fair shake to.

I’m weird in that I typically avoid buying music that’s hyped up and has been on the front page of iTunes and most mass media. They seemed to be on every news cast last summer because of their tour through Canada.

I dunno what it is, I’ve gotten a bit jaded at putting music in my collection that came from the Billboard top XX. It seems a bit … monotonous or something.

I was trying to get something that I’d (eventually) be able to work out to – fast-paced, gritty and with some “brains”. A lot of the guitar-based hard-rock seems to be knock-offs of that pop-punk Blink 182 / Green Day style. The whole production sounds exactly the same for each record – gets to be quite boring – quickly.

Anyway, I’m liking what I hear so far – lots of great stuff. Sounds well produced, but not in a way that’s too polished or forced.

Now back to my post waiting for the snow plow…

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