If you’re going to volunteer…

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… then make sure you’re up for the responsibility of the job!

C came home and we were chatting about a certain group that she volunteered to be on. The group shall remain nameless, but let’s say it’s somehow associated with a public institution that our kids are (or for some, will be in the future) involved in on a week-daily basis.

She told me that she doesn’t really enjoy being a part of this group as it doesn’t really promote a positive atmosphere and it doesn’t seem to . She gave me an example: a few of the other participants haven’t been showing up to the meetings regularly and the “chair” started a motion to kick them off.

C apparently interjected and explained that it wasn’t quite clear that attendance at EVERY meeting was mandatory. Furthermore, it wasn’t her understanding that an absence would result in termination from the group.

The chair (and some others) apparently reluctantly agreed that there should be some communication put out there before taking action. Then, the chair goes off and says something to the effect of “well, I’m not really sure it should come from me as I’m not really a great communicator.”

…. excuse me???

I know the person who she told me about and I don’t doubt that this happened in a bit.

If you put up your hand to volunteer for a position in a group – especially one with some power, then GEEZ!, please step up or step down…

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